Individual Coaching is a unique one-to-one relationship that aims to encourage you and help you identify what you need to do, or not do, to achieve your growth and development as a person and a professional.

The ‘why’ behind the decision to access coaching differs from client to client but the foundations for success are common to all – the power of the relationship between us and your own drive, and dedication to engage in the process.

As your coach, I listen to you deeply and to encourage you to identify and explore beyond what may be blocking you. I do this with considered questions and targeted interventions. Our goal is to discover and release your own inner wisdom.

Coaching Relationship

Most coaching relationships consist of 6 or so 2-hour sessions. We meet approximately every 4 weeks, allowing you plenty of time to assimilate new insights and practice new ways-of-being between our discussions.

We work very closely throughout our time together, but the responsibility for success sits with you. This is the reason why coaching is a significant investment that goes beyond the financial commitment.


You set the agenda for our time together and set the boundaries of our work. Within those boundaries, I will support, question, challenge, observe, and provide you with feedback, listening to you all of the time. We will identify your future path, experiment regularly and move forward with new strategies and sustainable approaches, chosen to support your future goals.

You will bring your own personal and/or professional challenges to the coaching session. Together we will make opportunities for you to explore issues, examine limiting beliefs and generate solutions. In addition, you will be able to rehearse ideas, test your assumptions and work towards shaping your future direction.


My clients are usually invited to my home for our sessions. I have several spaces in my home that are suitable for coaching, each with its own look and feel, including a heated space outside for those who enjoy working in the fresh air. However, I recognise that meeting personally may not be practical for some clients and therefore I also work via Skype or Zoom.

For clients that are sponsored by their organisations, I am happy to meet at or near your office, if preferred.

Finally, I offer the opportunity for an informal catch-up approximately 3 months after your final session to review your progress and offer each other feedback on our time together.

Walks & Talks

Some clients prefer to work outdoors, finding that nature provides them with a different canvas and palette to work with, a different sense of safety and a more interactive space to explore within. For some, this option is weather dependant, whilst for others a bit of rain adds a new sense of freshness and challenge.

I am fortunate enough to live within minutes of one of Milton Keynes beautiful lakes and therefore can offer clients a great Walk and Talk venue – including, at special request, a spaniel or two to walk with. Our session will conclude with a hot drink in my kitchen as we offer each other feedback.

Thinking Partnerships

Perhaps you recognise that you need to have someone who totally listens to you, who is able to pay you a very special quality of attention that simulates your thinking and ignites your creativity.

Perhaps you already know where you want to go, but you haven’t had the time or the confidence to visualise your path, to speak it out loud and really touch into it.

Maybe your voice been quashed by others speaking over you or having too many expectations of you, so that you feel you have lost the power to speak your own thoughts.

Or find yourself ‘lonely at the top’ – your employees look to you for answers but are not in a position to offer you the sense of connection that fires your creativity

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, I suggest that you consider the unique Thinking Partnership. As a certified Time to Think Coach, I can offer a form of coaching that encourages you to think independently, or, in Nancy’s words, ‘as yourself, for yourself’. You will be given time to think freely on the topics that are at the front of your mind when we meet, and then, depending on your sessional goal, we will explore for assumptions that may be holding you back, moving you in a direction in which you don’t want to go or blocking you from taking the steps you wish to take.

Coaching Intensive

If you are a busy professional who wants or needs to make significant and fast progress in your personal and working life, if you do not have six months to identify your path and move forward, then this unique and intensive coaching experience may address your needs. This intensive programme will give you the time, place and space to vision your path, explore potential hurdles and opportunities and map your desired future.

We will meet for an initial two-hour session (face to face or via Skype) during which we will explore your coaching question(s) and confirm your intent for the day. We will agree how we will work together, how we may integrate opportunities for Walk and Talk and how much private reflective space you will want… and of course your preparatory work.

Approximately two weeks later, and completely away from the demands of your daily life and normal workplace, we will meet at my home in Milton Keynes* which is a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful Caldecotte Lakes. We will spend the full day together, exploring your narrative as it is now and how you wish it to be, planning the changes you want to make and shaping those most important first steps on your new path. I commit to making sure that the day will be of immediate relevance and value to you. You to leave the session with new insights, high energy and with an intense sense of purpose.

One month later, we will conclude the programme with another two-hour session during which we will discuss your progress and identify any further steps you wish to take.

* I am happy to work at an alternative venue if you prefer, at additional cost.