About You

Are you emerging from a significant life event, sensing that you need to make some changes to enable you to transition successfully?

Is the way you’re working impacting your health and wellbeing, and you feel it’s time to find a different way?

Do you keep yourself busy to avoid the uncomfortable feelings indicative of something missing, of not being right in your life, work or career?

Do you know that you could be so much more – but uncertainty or fear of what could be is holding you back?

Do you feel that it’s time to allow your true sense of self emerge – but are finding that letting go of who others think you are is too difficult?

…and do you seek a professional companion to work with you as you face the choices and challenges that lie ahead?

If yes, or perhaps, I invite you to read our Individual Coaching page to see if coaching could help move you forward.

Working With a Team?

Or are you trying to develop an engaged, high performing team…

…and realise that you’re currently leading a group of individuals, not a coherent team?

…or recognise that your team works well when together but not outside of the meeting room?

…or appreciate that your team is not optimally connected with the wider organisation and their stakeholders?

…or recognise that your team performance is not integrated with that of the broader system?

…and you want the special support and companionship that a team coach can offer as you work to develop your team

If yes, then you will find more information on our Working with Teams page.

Working as a team

Or perhaps you are just exploring the idea of coaching at this time. If this is the case, I invite you to explore our FAQs. If you have a question for me, please contact me.